Right on purpose..

Purpose is something we are born with ~ nobody can give it to us or take it away from us. Our Sun signs relate to our purpose, it is the unique expression of the energy we represent here on Earth. Each and every one of us is the authentically unique expression of one of these 12 qualities, energies and creative gifts. Living our purpose is the fundamental base of our existence and when we do something we are meant to do, in return we are rewarded with being flooded with vital lifeforce energy. Why? To help us sustain this activity and to let us know, yes this is it, this is what we are here to do ~ this is the energy we are here to showcase.

The “how” might change through life but the energy, the instinctual knowing and the physical sensation of heightened energy stay the same. These are clear indicators that stay with us. If you have ever experienced these “living your purpose” moments, it’s like a universal power surge when your body is fully switched on and your body, mind and spirit function at the same high level at the same time ~ yes, this is when we are on fire!

The Sun is fire, our inner flame, the fire in our hearts and it is our lifeforce energy. But it is not only here to serve us. My light has the power to spark up your light. It is the power that sustains me and it is also the power that can create and bring others to life, too. We give life to another human being at the time of conception but we also bring someone to life when we voice and recognise the other person for who they really are. (Little small print here: astrologers are spiritual midwives really.)

The Sun burns from its own centre ~ just like we do. When we get to that point in life when we get to maintain our unique self expression long enough, we manifest our special destiny, culminating in leaving a legacy ~ our legacy and the unmistakeable feeling of living with meaning and fire in our hearts. However, it is not all about your Sun sign. I will bring in other planets, Pluto and Saturn, and synthetise the qualities of 3 planets and 3 elements: The Sun (Leo/fire quality) to showcase individual creative unique purpose, Saturn (Capricorn/earth quality) for order, structure and form to build something that lasts for generations and to be in alignment to higher purpose/spiritual laws and of course Pluto (Scorpio/water quality) for self-mastery and the desire through which our transformation starts. I will also touch on the Moon to discover the lenses through which the character and the patterns are played out, the Moon’s Nodes to explore the natural trajectory of soul evolution and the Pluto Polarity Point, the ultimate soul development point for this life.

What can I say? I am here to shine ~ and so are you.

Ready? Ready to shine? Be seen and heard? Ready to jump in? Yes? Then let the magic begin! Get in touch by email and let’s get talking.

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