Welcome to my page..

My name is Annie Grace. I am an evolutionary astrologer, teacher, careers adviser and an avid photographer. The pictures you see on my website are reflections of how I see life around me. I love plants and the whole cultivating process that allows me to assist and witness life growing from a seed into a thriving, living, flowering agent of life. I see plants as little microcosms reflecting the macrocosm of life that echo the natural astrological cycle from Aries to Pisces.

I discovered Evolutionary Astrology about 9 years ago, at the age of 35, and started taking my studies seriously since 2018. In 2022 I am turning 44 and more aligned with what I am meant to do than ever before.

It has always been a passion and a calling of mine to help people fulfil their potential, however, the medium of how I was doing this kept changing all my life. Some would say I took the scenic route and they would be right, I did indeed. After a few years of teaching and delivering careers guidance, the desire to do more and go deeper surfaced in me and so did fulfilling another desire, which was to go and experience what medicine Hawaii had to offer me..and by medicine I mean gifts. Hawaiians call your “gifts” your “medicine” and undoubtedly I discovered some of my gifts there. I bumped into Human Design and the Gene Keys in a workshop on Kauai and found Evolutionary Astrology around the same time as well. Voila ~ the journey began. The journey to follow my desire to learn more about soul intentions, soul purpose and Evolutionary Astrology. For the first time in my life I felt I have arrived home. It made sense, it felt right and it grounded me in confidence in my skills and abilities.

The past few years did fly by quite fast with me dedicating them to my Evolutionary Astrology studies and finally certifying as an Evolutionary Astrologer.

I love to write. I write the “Soul Essence Evolutionary Astrology ~ Right on Purpose” page on Facebook. I take astrological references and knowledge and blend it with free flow writing. It is intuition blended with solid knowledge of the principles of Evolutionary Astrology, a perfect example for “when we let go ~ we let magic happen” type of situations. This is what happens during readings, too. I study, I plan, I prepare and I let go and allow magic to weave its way in. Magic as in letting the unplanned happen by being open for accidental clicks in the moment. It is just like how movement can click accidentally with music and create new moves, similarly, awareness can click with streams of universal consciousness and bring forth new insights. People I have worked with say that they feel safe, heard and acknowledged when they work with me, which is really important to me and so is creating and holding a compassionate space for readings.

Having reached the final 2 years of the “midlife crisis” years (35–45) I am keen to support those that are going through it right now or just entering this phase of their lives. I focus on 4 astrological aspects within these 10 years of self-actualisation and “adulting” in general. I also have a soft spot for those that belong to the Pluto in Libra (1971–1984) generation. I find it liberating to help them explore how to assert themselves and find ways to express their voice freely. Same goes for the Pluto in Virgo (1958–1971) generation, it is truly rewarding to support them with integrating the meaning of service and exploring their role in healing.

As we all know, energy follows attention so finetuning your focus based on your soul intentions is vital for bringing healing, joy and meaning back to your life. How do I know? As I have lived it and wanted these, too and would not settle for anything less. So yes, that’s why I am here ~ to help you find your voice, your unique expression ~ your purpose in this world. Let’s connect and see where the conversation takes us.

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