Let the Light in ~ Let the Love in!

I have been going to the Let the Light in tour in the past few years and always got that “feel good” feeling that comes with Jane’s concerts. I think you will agree with me, her voice and presence touches hearts in a way not many artists can. There was something in the air this week in Edinburgh, something was different. I called a friend of mine to tell her that if she wants to see Jane live, this is the time as I have never seen her so great. There was some kind of stillness and peace in her voice, maybe even relief, underpinning the life affirming vitality that is always there in every song she sings giving an extra layer of presence to Friday night’s performance.

Then came the announcement the day after in Glasgow that Jane would be taking a year or two out and retreat for a while. It is bitter sweet, of course it is. Everyone needs time out, the body needs to rest and so does the mind, not to mention having to process the whirlwind of life changing events and emotions through this all.

Music has always been the medium for mankind to share emotions like grief, pain, joy and happiness ~ just think of all the occasions where people gather together to literary sing their heart out, to connect to their feelings and each other and find a way to communicate and release their feelings to feel better, move on and move out of feeling stuck.

Have we done that in Scotland this long weekend? Hell yeah we have! We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced together and we connected to our own vulnerability as well as inner strength and power through Jane’s music, story and presence. There was joy, there was compassion and undoubtedly there was love shared and multiplied. I cannot thank Jane enough to bravely take on this role to share her life with us and being that hand that has lead us and given us comfort, laughter and immense joy when we saw her perform.

I know the tour and the album is titled “Let the Light in” but it was much more than that. It let Life in, it let Love in and filled us up to the trim with it. Last concert in Scotland tonight, it will be special for all the right reasons, cannot wait! Let the Light in, Let the Love in!

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