The Bridge of Vulnerability ~ from Virgo to Libra

The Sun changes signs today to leave our perfection driven Virgo season for a balance seeking Libra time. If we look a tad bit closer, this change is much more than a mere change of signs in the circle of the natural zodiac.

The natural Zodiac starts with Aries that boggles our minds with all the possible answers to the questions of who we are and what sense of self we develop to identify ourselves with. Then we progress into the Taurean realm of resources and discover our self-worth and our capacity for self-love. Then we find our voice and start communicating in Gemini and utilise our lateral thinking mind. The self-centred “me me me” quadrant ends here and opens us up to the Cancerian nurture and safety oriented realm. Then we get propelled onto the stage of the Leo kingdom to showcase our talents and uniqueness. The second quadrant ends with the ever-perfecting Virgo getting ready to enter the social realm of 7th house, where we are ready to be seen and engage with others in the minefield of relationships and partnerships.

Yes, I did overgeneralise regarding the signs to show the linear progress of the individual searching, finding and perfecting themselves to get ready to expand beyond the limits of individuality and enter into relationships and partnerships. By the time we get here, the aim is to show up as an equal being to the significant other, however, this is the realm where our sparkly eyed, bushy tailed individual gets tripped up and sometimes breaks under the pressure of the expectations of the other person and the situations they find themselves in. What happens after we trip up? Well we get back onto our two feet, dust ourselves off and sometimes we notice that we have lost our shine a little. So we start making compromises with our weathered self-worth for the sake of staying in a relationship and for the sake of fitting in. We relax our boundaries and very quickly find ourselves giving up our not long found identity, trading in our authenticity for a good word from someone else. We start to haggle and before long we find our sense of self-worth exchanged for validation from others, trapped in the perfect doormat situation ~ authenticity exchanged for masks ~ to fit in with other people’s expectations, feeling lost in the maze of people pleasing. Small print: there is a whole generation now in their 40s still battling to have their voice heard and live their lives on their own terms. This is why. As this tendency is so prominent in the Pluto in Libra generation.

So how do we do relationships? How do we show up without having to give up who we are? By believing that we are enough and having the courage to step onto the bridge of vulnerability that takes us from “me” to “us” ~ to be seen for who we are.

I get it, when the world around us is constantly focusing on and communicating to us what we need to fix and do to be better, it is certainly not easy to be content with what we have got in the moment. Connecting to others and cultivating healthy relationships with others do begin with us and our connection and relationship to ourselves. Maybe the biggest hurdle is for us to believe that we are enough..worthy enough, equal enough..loving enough.. Well..enough is enough ~ we are enough! Let’s start this Libra season with the affirmation that “I’m enough” and let’s see where it takes us.

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