Shall we dance?

There is so much to unpack in this simple question. Dancing with someone requires working together sometimes in harmony, sometimes with a bit of friction between the steps. It also requires to be tuned into the music and to feel it in every cell of your body while simultaneously being attuned to the person you are dancing with. There is the excitement of moving to the music, the excitement of moving together with another human being and the excitement of leaning into the energy of the unknown with the promise to create something new.

“Shall we dance?” is a question that requires the agreement of two people to get a “yes” to it. Nothing is decided by one person and nothing can be created by one person in this scenario. When you are asked to dance, you are also asked to trust, to step into a new reality and to let go of control in a world where you cannot always lead. You are asked to allow to be led while being given space to fully express yourself.

When Pluto moved into Aquarius last week, the routines we used and practised over and over changed unexpectedly. All of a sudden the music changed and for some the partner changed, too. Whichever it was, it is safe to say it threw you. There were unpredictable turns, sometimes the music slowed down to make days pass like months and years, other times the beat picked up in double time and there was that odd occasion when your heart skipped a beat in that unexpected turn. An accidental click happened out of the blue. You were at the right place, at the right time, with the right person, dancing to the new music playing in your ears, recalibrating your heartbeat to a new rhythm to beat to.

Having our confidence rooted in the mastery of old routines and patterns is sooo last week’s music. This new tune is enticing you to say “yes” to a new life and the excitement of creating something new. There is no more planning ahead. Blind trust and the willingness to trustfall into your future, whatever it might be, is the name of the game. Courage, trust, desire and being open to endless possibilities make up the melody that life is asking us to dance to just now.

There is no guarantee, no reassurance and there is definitely no insurance that would cover the liability that comes with following the unpredictability of saying “yes” to dancing a new dance. Instead there are sparks with every new beginning and deep inner knowing that you are meant to start something new. Fulfilling the unsilenceable desire to create a new dance will reward you with feeling a bit more alive when you agree to follow the intensity of the unfolding beats that you only get to discover one at a time. No plan, no control, no old way of doing things will work now.

“Shall we dance?” or rather “Are you dancing?” is the question. Are you taking part and dancing your part? Say “yes” to this question, say “yes” to the dance, say “yes” to the desire to create something new and say “yes” to the excitement of life itself again!

Picture: Jack Vettriano – Rumba in black

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