Talking one language..Gemini season here we come!

“Talking one language” is the title of the Vargo song I recently discovered, actually just a few days ago, right in time for Gemini season that started on 21st May this year. Gemini is an air sign and a mutable one. Mutable means that it does not stop and it does not stand still. It is constantly evolving and it is one of the driving forces of evolution itself.

Imagine a kaleidoscope that will never give you the same picture pattern, a teacher that will never give you the same answer or a philosopher that will never think the same thought again twice. That’s Gemini. It brings a very curious, seeking energy that is relentlessly searching for new information, new ideas, new solutions, new ways to connect with new people to reinforce communication and the exchange of possibilities and ideas.

Gemini is a surface energy though ~ it should be light and airy, quick witted and charming, like a well connected social butterfly. It does not go deep, it does not want to solve the meaning of life..and if it did, they would change their mind about the answer by the next day, anyway! Being quick, playful and careless with ideas just to enjoy the process of conversing itself is the name of the game as they get to express their colourful personality this way the most.

The constant replenishing of data brings pressure as it requires us to be always the most up-to-date, always having the latest device, the latest update, the latest you name it, Gemini has to have it. In fact, Gemini would sleep with their eyes open if they could, just to keep their eyes on their phones even at night. Forget the switch off button..that has been declared to be a derelict function a long time ago.

Sleep problems? Quite possibly! All this buzzing energy comes with restlessness and the inability to rest, not being able to stop talking, thinking and mentally processing information all the time. It can lead to a mental overload and overwhelm.

Changing ideas all the time tends to question the credibility of our Gemini a lot, as what was true yesterday, it is already old news now. And tomorrow? Tomorrow a new truth might surface that will change their mind again without hesitation. This is not intentionally lying (of course it can be purposefully used for that as well), it is more about having a new piece of information and changing their views accordingly.

This is the energy of the the master overthinker, the always changing their view and mind-er and the fear of missing out Jezzooo it is huge!

As impossible it might sound to suggest “to stop and think about it” but let’s give it a go. What is it that we can really miss out on? What is it that cannot wait another minute, another hours, another day? Another piece of information or data? Highly unlikely.

It is connection. Authentic heart to heart connection is what we can miss out on in the quickfire round of sparkling thought particles. And when the impulse to talk overpowers the need to connect, to listen and understand then it will feel like we are not even talking the same language anymore.

Let’s go back to our Vargo song, it is the chorus I quoted below. Listen to the song and adjust the place you are speaking and birthing your words from and watch the impact it makes and the new possibilities it creates..

“Talking one language, Love is the message, We are talking one language, There is one way to survive, To discover our common mind.”

Cafe Del Mar – Vargo – Talking One Language – YouTube

Picture: Pinterest

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